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What to Wear Skiing

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to have the correct clothing when skiing. As a rule of thumb the body and legs should have layers to keep them warm and dry, while the peripheral areas of the body such as the face, eyes, head, hands and feet should be protected.

Base Body Layer
This should consist of thermal underwear (vest and leggins) to draw the moisture away from the body while also absorbing it, but at the same time keeping you warm and dry.

Middle Body Layer
The Middle Layer is the insulating layer which keeps the heat in. It should be lightweight such as a fleece, microfleece or a polo neck.

Outer Body Layer
This final layer must be  weatherproof  and preferable breathable and includes a Ski Jacket and Ski Pants/Sallopettes. These protect you from getting wet and at the same time keeps the warmth in without sweating.

One should wear thermal base leggins (long john’s) followed by trousers/salopettes which should be breathable and waterproof. It is advisable to make sure the trousers/salopettes are a few inches longer than your normal leg length as they will have to be worn over snow boots and ski boots.

Goggles are a must as they protect your eyes from wind, snow and sun. As the sun and wind can damage your skin. Even on overcast days, it is vital to have suncream of 25 or over. Lipbalm is also necessary as lips crack easily in dry and cold weather. A smal tube of lipbalm and suncream combined can easily fit into our ski jacket or on a cord around your neck.

Most of our body heat escapes through our head, so it is important that a well fitted hat that covers the ears is either worn or carried. If the weather is very cold a balaclava is useful as are chubes which protect the neck.

Gloves should be waterproof, warm, comfortable and long enough to prevent any gaps between the glove and jacket sleeve.

Socks should be knee length and fit smoothly under ski boots. Snow Boots are a must for walking in the snow. They should have a good grip on the soles and be waterproof and warm.

It is advisable that children wear helmets while skiing and this is now compulsory in many countries.

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