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Ski-Stuff can help you:

  • Find ski clothes for your school ski trip
  • Offer advice on what you will need to wear
  • With affordable clothes and no hidden expense
  • With our simple hiring procedure


We can provide:

  • Jackets, salopettes and snow boots for hire
  • A variety of clothes in different styles and colours
  • Accessories at a reasonable price


Hire Rates for Schools
(Based on a one week holiday)

  • Jackets £15
  • Salopettes (ski pants) £15
  •  Snow Boots £15
  • Ski Package: Jackets, Salopettes and Snow Boots £40


  • We require a deposit of £50 per order. This will be refunded once the clothes have been checked on return.
  • If the items have been damaged, we will deduct the repair cost from the deposit.
  • If the items are irreparably damaged, lost or stolen then the Hirer will be charged the full purchace price of the goods.
  • See Terms & Conditions

How to Book
  • Go online, click 'Your Order', fill in your details and we'll get back to you and discuss availability and sizes.

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